Bracelets, Planets, Loop Walk

It was a fun filled Thursday at Avid Kids Circle. 

Look out for your child’s bracelet clad hand. Thank you Teacher Melanie for the fun craft project today especially because it involved coloring, shapes, stickers, colored tape and lacing! 

Group Time was super fun especially the new Planet Song that Teacher Uma penned for the children. They enjoyed singing it to the tune of wheels of the bus. In song form, even our youngest learns about earth, planets and more. The colorful and artful representation of the song was loved by the children. It reinforced colors of a planet to them too. The song now adorns our classroom wall.

The Loop Walk is always enjoyed. For Laasya it was her first and she waited to see how we will reach the familiar Green Park. After the much loved San Mateo Bridge sighting, we went to the park and enjoyed play time there. 

Enjoy all the captures from the day in the school album.

It’s time to say, Ola Friday :)






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