We are flying away...

At the Sand Park, the crew was seated in an airplane, flying away never to come back. They were seeking jelly beans. Teachers Melanie and Vrinda eventually had to hijack the plane, capture the crew and bring them back to the school house to eat lunch! There was also a game of hiding rocks in sand and giving clues to Teachers to find them. The seeking was not easy at all or very successful.

Planets are being studied rotationally by many students and explored in puzzle forms, writing, coloring, etc. Teacher Uma has been busy making a planet song that she will share with the kids at group time when her turn comes tomorrow.  Puzzles in general are one activity we indulge in a lot and today was definitely puzzle filled.

We had one case of high fever with some lethargy noted today. The child was quarantined early and headed home. We hope that she recuperates soon. Please keep an eye out and we will too for any additional case.

Healthful wishes for all! See you tomorrow.







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