Teacher Vrinda, we have a problem

There are some moments that leave one laughing and amused.

Case 1: ===== Vani: Teacher Vrinda, Mika and I have a problem. Teacher Vrinda: What is the problem? Vani: We will let you know. We are figuring it out. Teacher Vrinda: Ok, what kind of problem is it? Vani: We are still figuring it out. We have to figure it. Teacher Vrinda: Ok, let me know when you do figure. Well, there was no problem. It was just some ‘grown up’ talk :) Case 2: ===== Teacher Vrinda: Raisa, eat snack early, Daddy is coming. Raisa: Why? This is a ‘big’ problem...why does one have to go home before the friends are :) Case 3: ===== Mackenzie: I want to sleep here with everyone Teacher Vrinda: You need to eat your lunch. Mackenzie: I eat tortilla, cheese, tomatoes What more do you want :) We grew from 8 kids to 9 kids and the classroom has absorbed the change easily. No problems there at all. Children have been sharing routines, next steps as needed. Teachers Melanie, Uma and Vrinda are enjoying the larger classroom. By mid-August, we will grow to 10 and potentially 11 with toddlers since our 2 year olds are growing too quickly! Until tomorrow...







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