“Laasya is happy”

It was a full first day for Laasya at her new school. She was accompanied for some part of the morning by her older sister who was attentive to Laasya and her friends to be. The big sister’s thoughtful collaboration with Teacher Vrinda was appreciated so she could be there for her little sister yet give the needed space to interact with new friends.

Teacher Vrinda was proud of the students who gave hugs to Laasya when she had a small period of feeling ‘blue’. Parents were remembered and we all reminded that each child will be picked in the evening. Completing group time followed by outdoor time cleared all of Laasya’s worries, she enjoyed herself and bonded with the new friends.

The rest of the day saw a chirpy Laasya, reaching out to talk, eating her meal, resting, declaring she was happy. At the end of the day it was a pleasure to see her head home smiling, willing to come back for more time at the new school.

Welcome Miss Laasya to Avid Kids Circle. We enjoyed our time together and look forward to more fun. Mommy-Daddy please share pictures from the day with Laasya so she can see her happy moments with new friends!

See you all tomorrow. We hope Teacher Melanie feels better. We missed her today.







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