Summer Bliss

Summer is certainly being enjoyed here and the outdoor time today at the sand park was a lot of fun. Between tag, hide and seek, birthday party, running/biking laps, slides and a tree park much was accomplished in the hour! All the kids were hungry and ready for nap after. 

Food was eaten up quite fast especially the sandwiches and eggs which are favored. Even our toughest eater likes her Hawaiian roll and boiled egg white :) Cottage cheese was a new entrant and 80% of the kids gave it a thumbs up so more shall be enjoyed of it. The expanded salad bar is doing well across the days. Glad all kids enjoy their raw vegetables. It has certainly increased the vegetable component and overall meal which is good for them! Ranch dressing is another favorite. Cool vegetable and summer makes for a good association too.

Between independent work, group, outdoor, lunch, rest and play times, the day just whizzes by here for Teachers Melanie, Uma and Vrinda!

See you all tomorrow.






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