New Materials

I hope many of you have seen the captures from today or yesterday. Some of the new materials being used were captured in anticipated and unanticipated usages.

Topping the charts is the new felt pizza quarters with toppings in a pizza box and the wooden sandwich making set. They were favored socio-dramatic play material prior too but were switched for variation.

Next popular material is the foam blocks. While we have the wooden equivalents, somehow the foam version is getting to build more and also the throw in air usage to watch them fall. LEGO school bus and road cleaner are very much being enjoyed.

There are new puzzles - fire truck, jumbo planets jigsaw and constellation jigsaw.

On the academic front, new subtraction, addition, Clock, money, object to word, opposites, colors cards or puzzles have been brought in. 

The library has been added with 10+ books especially from the National Park visitor centers covering desert animals, vegetation, mud houses, a-z reptiles, bugs, types of bugs, nocturnal animals, making rugs from animal hair and more.In time the topics will be covered with readings and followup conversations.

Finally, we have a new calendar board, time and responsibility chart. The calendar has been introduced as will the other 2 materials during group time.

This covers the bulk. Additional materials will be added in the course of the year and shared.

See you tomorrow.






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