Welcome back!

Buckle up for the next 6 month leap! Before you know it, we will be ready for our December break :)

The last two weeks flew by and the children came in sharing about their break be it time with family, swimming, soccer, ice cream, drinking their milk, watching fireworks and more. It was lovely to hear the chatter of kids fill the home again especially with one of our own missing. It was so sweet to hear a child ask why we were not together when watching 4th of July fireworks. There were some confessions around being helped at home to eat, go potty but then also pride that they do everything at school. I told them that they are welcome to do things themselves at home and say so should they wish...that drew a hmm :) Who does not enjoy being pampered!

The day ended in a whiz. The children were busy discovering new materials that have been added in the classroom. They had many questions on ‘rules of engagement’ around some...when they can play with each. Some are materials to engage with when work is completed while others are for independent work. There is a new calendar which was tried out today and other group time materials too. Over time, I am sure you will see them all captured. You are most welcome to stop by and have your child show you some of the new materials already discovered.

There is much fun to be had as we kick off the next semester and grow further. Mika settled into the familiar classroom quickly and interacted with all. We look forward to enjoying two months of summer before we are ready to say goodbye to it and head into fall/winter.

Until tomorrow.







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