Back to School!

Teachers Melanie, Uma and Vrinda are sure all the parents are looking forward to Monday when school resumes again after the 2-week summer break. I am sure each of you said 'Yeah!' for that. We do hope our little children say a 'Yeah!' too. The break must have allowed children and all of you some lounge time at home, with family and maybe some vacationing. We realize our little ones are very routine happy just as much as us adults so time to get back to the school routines again.

While on break, much has still been accomplished.

1. School Payroll has been setup successfully for Teacher Melanie. This was very much required and involved. Both parties are glad for this milestone too.

2. Teacher Vrinda completed a summer ECE (early childhood education) Administration course. This involved all-day classes on 4 consecutive saturdays. It completed today, yippee! All ECE certification/credential related courses for both teaching and administration have been completed as of this summer course. The journey had started in January of 2017. Now credential filing paperwork etc. needs to be planned and kicked off. Next Teacher Vrinda also plans to take 2 possibly 3 classes in Fall for continuing ECE education. All fall courses will be outside school hours and therefore non-impacting for parents/families.

3. Teacher Melanie spent some family time and so did Teacher Vrinda. Teacher Vrinda chose a 'road-trips' family time across the following:

a. Camp Richardson (Tahoe) exploring Emerald Bay, Zephyr Cove and more

b. Death Valley National Park (California/Nevada)

c. Las Vegas (Nevada)

d. Grand Staircase Escalante National Park (Utah)

e. Capitol Reef National Park (Utah)

f. Arches National Park (Utah)

g. Canyonlands 'Islands in the Sky' National Park (Utah)

4. Teacher Vrinda's son Avi who is a Junior at high-school and a classical guitarist is at a camp around Montreal. He participated in the young guitarists competition at the camp and won 3rd place. We are all glad for that. He is now attending classes there for another week. While he missed the 'road-trips', he is having his own remote living fun with fellow guitarists.

Here is new enrollments related information for fall:

1. Mika (a nearly 4 year old summer-only student) will be joining for the July-August months. A warm welcome to the Hinkston family from Avid Kids Circle community. Thank you for choosing to spend summer again with us and sharing Mika! See you on Monday.

2. A 22-month old toddler is enrolled full time and expected to start by mid-August. Another 18-month old toddler is enrolled for 3-full days, expanding to 5-full days from mid-September. Both are girls. There are additional students waitlisted for January, 2019 if openings remain and for the Fall, 2019 openings...3 boys (yeah!).

Bulk of the new enrollments or waitlists have come based on Nextdoor share for our school community ( Many thank you to the parents who have already recommended our full-day programming to other local families. The diversity of recommending families is valued by prospective parents as you can imagine so adding recommending comments is very much appreciated if you are comfortable doing so.

Finally, these will be our last 4-weeks with Teacher Uma. She along with Teacher Vinod/Nana will be returning to India week of August 6th.

With all this, we look forward to welcoming back our returning students to the 2018-2019 school year. See you all on Monday!






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