Thank you and Happy Holidays!

While year 1 completes with a well deserved celebration for our children, Teacher Vrinda along with Teacher Melanie and Uma can’t wait to welcome each and every student back for the 2018-2019 school year on July 9th. Thank you to each family for taking the time to join in the celebration today. We hope we made your time here valuable and meaningful. Teacher Melanie shares that she has enjoyed her 3 weeks and is looking forward to the next year. Her enthusiasm, thoughtful projects especially the ‘graduation’ painted rock momento and Polaroid portrait are very much appreciated. I am sure there will be more creative inputs that we will all get to enjoy. The growth of our children needs to be cherished. For Teacher Vrinda personally, the key bit is the experiences, vocalizations, thoughts, independence, little nuggets of strategies that we can impart for life in these early years. Most of all, the hope is to share a love for life, food, our beautiful outdoors no matter where ones goes and learning. It isn’t the size and number of kids in a classroom but the type of classroom and teachers that will always add value. As we start year 2, do know that each of you here will always be the cherished ‘First Families’ for Avid Kids Circle and the spokespersons for it too. In time Teacher Vrinda along with like-minded teacher’s and families hopes to realize many ‘teaching’ dreams and follow as many of these children across preschool and even after-school. The doors here will always be open for children, teachers or families both current and alumni. Enjoy the captures and if you have some pictures/videos, please add them to the album for all to enjoy. I did not get to take a picture of all of us together. If you have any of all of us during group time, do share. 

The guacamole today was made with a lot of hard work and independent (toddlers needed some help) cutting of tomatoes and cilantro followed by mixing. Please ask your preschooler how to make Guacamole :) Finally, the administrative reminder. Tuition for July is due as usual at the end of the month. I will process them on July 1 no matter when received. For the folks using Bill Pay, you don’t need to do anything except set up updated amounts as applicable for July. For those who send in checks, you have the option to use Google Pay to or drop the check in the 1097 mailbox. Timely tuitions are very much appreciated. With all that, enjoy a little summer break with your kids. They grow up too fast. While you think they may not remember these days, the memories you will make will be with you for life.






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