Tomorrow - Last day of Year 1!

All I can say is, what a joy ride! Thank you for the trust, it is valued and cherished. This group of preschoolers will be the smallest, most memorable and precious group. Teacher Melanie is also the first Staff Member to join the Circle in Year 1. Her thoughtful contributions and project ideas are being enjoyed very much.

Post holiday, Mika will be joining in for summer. In August, a 22 month old full time girl student will start. September/October will bring in 2 more toddler starts (girl and boy). January will bring in another 20 month old boy. Two of the 5 openings that will come up next fall have been waitlisted for (boys). I am glad the program resonates with the target group. The new starts are being spaced and paired for a cohesive balanced circle. As always, I am sharing the knowns so you are always in the loop.

Today was a lot of fun. The highlight was opening some of the new classroom additions. 2 of the 3 were already put to use. The excitement in the classroom was very high. Enjoy the captures of the day. While the enjoyment will have to pause tomorrow for the 2-week vacation, I am sure the kids will come back from the brief hiatus re-energized and ready for the next year. They have all worked hard, learnt a lot and it is time to take a little break. Distance makes the heart grow fonder they say :)

We look forward to the year end celebrations tomorrow evening starting at 4:30 pm. All families will be joining. Given the need for electricity, food will be laid out indoors at the school house. This also allows the kids to layout and set up at their level and be comfortable.







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