Months in a Year

I skipped the blog yesterday given most inboxes received the end of year reports. The balance are in progress and will be received later tonight. As the academic year is wrapping to a close, I am sharing the poem above that was written by Teacher Uma. She recited it to the children yesterday during group time. We reminisced about the special moments and of course look forward to cycling the months again joined by our crafty Teacher Melanie.

Today we went to our favorite Blue Park and enjoyed a lot. We also indulged in some special projects as we continue to draw this year to a close. All of us are looking forward to the Friday evening end of year party and then a tiny celebratory break to reenergize and kick off the next year!

Enjoy the videos taken at the blue park. Notice the balancing attempts, muscular arms/legs climbing up, pretend play about driving fast to LA which involves sleeping in the car and more. The children are a source of amusement and show us that while small, they have eyes, ears and strong processing centers (brains) always putting 2 and 2 together :) They catch fast and are very well equipped to ensure personal gains.

On to Thursday...






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