End of Year To Do’s

I hope each of you enjoyed Father’s Day. Ours was food filled from brunch until dinner.

We are quickly approaching the summer break which starts from next week (Mon, June 25) and ends in 2 weeks (Fri, July 6).

1. Teacher Vrinda has been busy filling in the updated DRDP which we use to track growth. I plan to email the individual profiles along with links to the instruments and summaries by tomorrow night to all parents. We can set up time to personally review and chat across Wednesday - Friday morning or post summer break as convenient to each family.

2. Reminder for the end-of-school evening get together/party on Friday, June 22@4:30 pm in the Tree Park. We look forward to seeing all children, parents and extended families to celebrate the first preschool year end for Avid Kids Circle and our wonderful children who have grown so much in this year.

A fun rest of the week is planned for the kids by Teacher Melanie, Uma and Vrinda.

See you tomorrow.







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