Happy Father’s Day!

To all the dads, here is a message composed by the children for you:

Happy Fathers Day!

Congratulations...to daddies # 1

Thank you for playing with me, cars, taking me to the library, reading, going to the zoo, drives, working, making me sleep, sleeping with me, coloring, food and lots of hugs.

I love you, Daddy!

We hope you enjoy the creations made for you. The children were in high spirits. Enjoy the video of them just holding hands and making up tunes on the table. The merriment was infectious. Making chocolate chip cookies was a unanimous choice of the kids. Looking through the Kids Cookies book, they are getting adventurous for their next project. Sculpting their name in clay or their hand was enjoyed too.

Hide and seek and tag at the tree park was a lot of fun. The most fun was of course building the stick house. They were at it for quite some time conceiving a door and a fireplace etc. They stood and got pictures taken in their ‘own’ house.

Thank you very much to all families for continuing enrollment into Year 2 of Avid Kids Circle. Teacher Vrinda along with teachers Nani, Vasu, Uma and Melanie looks forward to developing this program with much thought and love. As always, your inputs as well as your support for this community are very much appreciated. We have confirmed enrollment of Mika for 2 summer months starting July followed by a 20-month old each in August and October. Two 18 month olds are also waitlisted for October and January at this time. Their enrollments are awaited closer to time. All additions are through word-of-mouth which is the most trusted and valued metric.

Have a wonderful weekend and once again a very very Happy Father’s Day to each dad and other dad figures in the family.







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