Joy of First Times

I don’t know about you but I personally find myself reflecting a lot, questioning paths, improvements and so much more. Each day flies by and I always ask myself if I look forward to the next day. Is this the right age to teach for me? Having taught a year of middle school and a year of preschool, I do find that I love working with this 1-5 age group more. My reason is essentially the joy of supporting ‘first time’. As we get older, very often the routine expectations and behaviors get us. In working with 1-5, I find children spring unexpectedly, they have so many ‘first time’ moments that the day is never boring or dull. Their joy in ‘I did it!’ is infectious as is the quest to learn, question or build ‘could we’ scenarios. The malleability and unquestioned trust bestowed by this age is both delightful and sobering. 

The children pretended to make mashed potatoes with feet for the first time today, we enjoyed some targeted clay modeling yesterday for the first time, some hung on the bar independently for the first time delighting in that, another climbed up to the top of the spiral for the first time and felt on top of the world. One can’t capture it all but I do try to make it fun and open. Smiling kids in the picture are my energy source. When children wish to drive, travel, pretend to be adults, they remind me that they are all slowly growing up. There is only one first time to anything and then more of the same.

No matter the age, keep some first time joys and moments to energize you...keep that inner child alive! Every ‘present’ time offers a first time opportunity since it is unique.

Cheers...until tomorrow.






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