Happy Birthday to Alexandra!

A very very happy birthday to Alexandra and many congratulations to the Lu family for the 4th milestone reached. It seems just like yesterday when Alexandra finished her 3rd birthday and joined Avid Kids Circle. This is the very first picture of her here. A whole year has elapsed and along with it so much growth. A jumping Alexandra enjoying baking, the whirring mixer, dancing or singing with friends are all indicative of the journey. We wish that the rest of the birthday is awesome and as night falls, the birthday child sleeps with a smile. We were so glad that Grandma and Aunty Cora, along with Mom, Dad and Catherine joined in. The day was very fun with cake making, singing, dancing, playing and just being joyful given a birthday. The children still found some time to work...so very balanced. Teachers Melanie, Uma and Vrinda are privileged to be working with our thoughtful, fun-filled, very Avid Kids. We had visiting parents today who seemed so at ease and did not want to leave :) They were amazed how well behaved the children were. All thumbs up to us. Teacher Vrinda just wishes to celebrate many many milestones with these precious little kids. Until tomorrow.  







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