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The weekend was a busy one. Since some of you asked how the graduation ceremony was, I shared some pics taken on the day with Vidur, a video of the grads walking in and leaving while the band played for them. Vidur has been part of the school band for 7 years and when one graduates, it’s your turn to be played for after playing all these years :) Each person in the class (23 kids) has to give a speech spanning their time. Here is Vidur’s . The speech is a surprise for the parents since the grad self writes and shares only with the head of school. With many little traditions and goodbyes, all the children and families will move on to the next high school journey. For us, the school has been home for 10 years from kindergarten through grade 8 for 2 boys. It is a significant move! Nowhere else will the children spend this amount of time in an educational setting!

For today, the highlights at school were:

1. Lychee eating in the afternoon. It was certainly a novel fruit for the kids but they were sporting and tried it. The seed and shell were interesting.

2. Vidur joined us in the evening to play requested nursery rhymes on the guitar...twinkle, row row row your boat, wheels of the bus, itsy bitsy spider, Old Mac Donald and more were listened to. Kids were intrigued. The plan over summer is to do more similar trombone or guitar listening sessions.

3. Teacher Melanie remains MIA across Thursday and today. She has been texting. The fever cleared over the weekend but today I was informed food poisoning set in. A part of me is concerned but one has to give benefit of doubt. I will continue to followup, take stock and keep you in the know.

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