Clay Sculptures

The morning of clay sculpting/modeling was very much enjoyed. It was interesting to have children realize that unlike playdough, clay does not press into noodles, that it is harder and not as soft as playdough. It was nice to try and make figurines or use dies to fabricate the various forms. Younger students were helped to visualize different things using the shapes they created. The cool part is that unlike playdough, the clay forms persist and stay as-is once dry. The figurines will be ready to go home on Monday once the drying completes unless the kids would like to paint them.

Creating their own playground has become a favorite and umbrella must come out too now. Tent pitching will be saved for the end-of-year party. That was also desired today.

Talking of tent pitching, if there is interest in a school overnight camping trip during summer, in the new school year, we can look to schedule and organize a trip for Friday afternoon/night in the July/August timeframe. I do think the children will enjoy the outdoor cooking, a short hike/walk and sleeping under the stars. There are some fun camping/glamping options around. This would be a trip that each child would need 1 parent chaperon at least. Let me know if there is interest. Also, older kids this summer can learn to roller skate. Those 3.5+ years of age can try if interested. Pick a roller skate for them and I can give them lessons and practice during 4-5pm time. It is best to pick extensible roller skates if possible. I am sure after one starts, it will be by all slowly.

Have a wonderful Friday with your child(ren). I look forward to being back in the classroom on Monday morning.






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