Roar...say the kids!

Today the classroom was just abuzz. Kids were very spirited indoors or outdoors. We learnt an English-Spainish song with Teacher Melanie and enjoyed singing our own songs among all the others activities indulged. I hope you heard the children roaring at the Green Park...please let them know you are scared :) Cookie Monster aka Teacher Melanie chased around and Teacher Uma became the Black Spider crawling to the kids. Teacher Vrinda enjoyed capturing some moments and as always most of all enjoys the time with kids. Their innocence, questions and checks especially on rule interpretation or understanding never cease to amaze. Teacher Melanie on day 2 has also been found chuckling often.

There is much excitement and anticipation for the next birthday party which will be celebrated on Tuesday afternoon/early evening at school. The children have made cake plans and are looking forward to our next student turning 4! Where has the year flown is all Teacher Vrinda can say.

Friendly reminder for the upcoming Friday flex day off. Teacher Vrinda awaits the Middle School Graduation ceremony for her younger son, Vidur.

More tomorrow. We hope to do some clay sculpture work as desired after reading the book Babar’s Museum of Art today.






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