Hoping to play together soon

While a shorter week, it felt longer given the fever source detection, recovery for some and continuing immunity building for the rest of us. Get well, rest and hydrate wishes for all of us. Wipe, clean, wash continues to be the mantra and children were all very cooperative.

Today was a quiet day at school and friends were very much missed. We restricted ourselves to the front yard by creating our own playground and then extended time outside given a rare windfree warm day. We took strength from the sun and the sun soaking sure had kids resting longer. Teacher Vrinda has been informed that we have to recreate the setup when all friends come back. While Teacher Vrinda can’t create weather, she is happy to create the sources of enjoyment. Even our outdoor play equipment was bathed and disinfected.

The following articles are being shared as good reads and awareness. While fevers cause alterations in our comfortable schedules, the intent of temporary exclusion is to ensure the impacted child has the benefit of 1-1 care, nutrition and prolonged rest time that they need in addition to ensuring that the infection is contained during the immunity fighting period. Hope you find the reads clearing some misconceptions or reinforcing the knowns.

Fever Myths - Kaiser

Fever Myths - St Louis Children’s Hospital

Natural Fever Therapies/Myths

A reminder about next Friday, June 8 being a flex day off.  

Also, the assistant teacher’s visit has been rescheduled to Monday at this time on the hope that all kids will be back on Monday. 

Have a restful weekend. Teacher Vrinda wishes that all her students can return back to the classroom, we get to normalcy next week and after. We wish we do not further our impacted cases.







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