Health Update

You would have all received the exposure notice via Brightwheel a few minutes ago. We had 1 additional child detected with fever today. The 3 recovered children are all normal aside from the slowly fading red rash spots on the soles of feet. The others continue to be fever free thus far. I hope we can stem the infection and keep it from spreading further to other students, siblings or parents. 

I am also sharing an additional image of notes provided by the San Mateo County Nurse. Per the nurse, the incidence is higher at this time and that this is not unusual. While any illness is a hinderance and discomfort, I hope as a population, we will develop the necessary immunities at young ages for life. 

Please be assured at school we are being even more vigilant, washing hands more so to be safe especially since this particular virus can be shed past the fever period. All commonly used objects are being washed and wiped. It is common for us to continually remind that all coughs and sneezes have to be covered with the elbow/shoulder and additionally hands have to be washed if mouthed, nose poked etc. Please do make the same reminders at home so children will always help keep themselves infection reduced through these practices. Drinking lots of water is another constant push here at school since well hydrated bodies flush more and this helps towards reducing suceptibility. Any questions concerning this exposure can be directed to Teacher Vrinda who has been in communication with impacted families, licensing office and the San Mateo County Public Health Nurse too. I am always available as needed for our children and families. Teacher Vrinda also appreciated the shares from families so we can follow any additional precautions that may be suggested by health practitioners. Following up with the health practitioner(s) is suggested so that the necessary checks and reports get made to ensure speedy recoveries or relevant follow ups.