A Very Fun Day

Welcome back after the long weekend. It sounds like everybody got a chance to relax and the children recuperated and partied.

There were so many precious moments...enjoy the captures shared. 

It is very common on a hot day for a rabbit to visit us and just hang under one of the backyard bushes. Today the rabbit hung out from 10 am - noon and certainly captured our attention. Can you spy him in the picture? In the afternoon, a squirrel decided to hang out and eat in the backyard while all the kids except Raisa were resting. The swimming geese families captivate always. We are glad to be able to enjoy the outdoors even while indoors. Gazing out and long is good for the children’s vision development.

Today for the most part, the children picked their activities and just enjoyed working on their dexterity, pattern matching, spatial recognition and awareness, sorting or searching skills. We even found a misplaced puzzle piece which was thrilling.

The benches in the Gazebo Park became the train stations and the kids pretended they were trains working and running around, carrying passengers. Being a warm day, we made sure to balance running around with shade times in the Gazebo.

See you all tomorrow...never a dull moment here! Regarding the Assistant Teacher, our selected candidate will be returning back to meet with the interested parents on Friday morning between 8:30 am - 9:30 am. Finger prints were submitted today and I await getting the clearance. Please plan on dropping in for a chat should you wish.







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