Quite the Friday!

The day started normally with children eating working and playing. Sadly it rained from drizzle level to rainy 10:45 am onwards so we stayed indoors post morning snack at 11:30 am. Kids played indoors with an earlier lunch session.

As lunch time approached, we had 1 and then 2 kids who showed fever symptoms. One headed home and the other was quarantined. The remaining ate and rested showing no fever/flu symptoms. 

Post rest both children are doing better since the fever has come down for both within a 4 hour span. It certainly was a quick onset bug and also seems like rest helped the systems stabilize. Neither ate lunch so it was not food related. The other kids did fine.

Sharing this so all of you can keep an eye on the kids and also in case they talk about it to you.

Teacher Vrinda and Uma both hope that the 2 flu cases recover just as quickly and the others continue to stay fit.

Take care...have a wonderful long weekend.







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