Calendar Time - Most tracked

Calendar time is definitely a classroom routine that is most tracked. The typical question is who will run the calendar or a confirmation is made on the person who will run it based on an order. With the toddlers added in, we have to update the alphabetical order. We have also decided that teachers will get a chance too. There are so many sub-routines within it...ringing a bell to commence, date determination, weather determination, season determination, how are we feeling determination and finally a bell ring that closes the activity. Through the sub-routines, date/time/month/week/number recognition/incrementing/seasons/emotions/speaking skills/group sense and community are all established.

Calendar time to Teacher Vrinda is special since it reminds daily of a passing day, things completed and so much more to do. As we are drawing May to a close and June sets in, it is a reminder that together we have nearly made a full earth year! I hope you feel that the children have grown and continue to grow rightfully at Avid Kids Circle, that together we all have a voice and agreement on their effortful growth. While every age is special, for me, these are the best blissful days of life...they will use the learnings lifelong though they may not remember these beginnings :) I wish that I could turn back the clock but alas, got to keep moving!

I had so many calendar goals as I embarked on the journey. I have met all my 1-year goals set except the hiring of an assistant. I kept that for last since the program at its core, it’s continued enrollment, support and license capacity increase were all prerequisites for taking on a long term hire. I have always believed in stretching first. Expanding to take on an employee is a significant step. I feel it is time now. Today the prospective candidate for assistant visited again. I cross-checked identification, immunization, cpr training certification, TB screening and reference checks. The hiring steps are now commencing with fingerprints submission and clearance as the long pole. Once that is cleared, I hope to bring the candidate on board. I requested Teacher Nani to also be part of the screening today as a second voice. Each of you parents will be the guages too in a week - 10 days.

As always keep your feedback open and coming.






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