Pre-Birthday Kickoff for Kenzie

It was a fun day filled with singing many variations of Happy Birthday, learning and reviewing how old we are, reading about celebrating birthdays, wishing for one’s own birthday, joy in today’s along with wondering whose birthday is coming up...i.e. when is the next party and for who :) While Kenzie’s real birthday is on Saturday, we celebrated it early so all 7 school friends along with brothers could join in this little celebration. Our best wishes to Kenzie and the Abrari family. Enjoy the captures. I am sure the celebratory mood will continue on until the weekend. It was sweet to hear “It’s my birthday!” from our young two year old to be.

Teacher Vrinda enjoys seeing their decision making on the cake they wish to bake...whether turning 2, 3 or 4 years old, they seem to know what they want when they see it from the options given. Kenzie wanted all until she saw the shells tray...she immediately negated all others in favor of the little shell cakes. We reviewed the names of all the types of shells in the tray.

From one to the next...learning a little at a time. See you all tomorrow.






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