What was special today?

1. Discussing odd-even numbers with 1 set of kids while introducing numbers to another set. The age span is 2 years and the growth in cognitive skills, logic in the short span never ceases to boggle.

2. Playing Musical Pillars or Frozen/Statue in the Gazebo along with trying some fun new stretches like walking on heels or toes or making up some dance steps using them along with spinning on heels or toes.

3. Watching our youngest and toughest enjoy the miso soup...not a surprise given how fond of drinking water she is. Another was very proud that she took a second cup of miso soup given she rarely takes seconds. I had been hearing some kids not liking ginger. Having it as tiny bits in soba noodles allowed children to pick it away but all ate it, talked and mentioned that it is spicy. It opened a way to discuss ginger, as a spice, it’s healing properties especially for the throat and digestive properties too.

4. Snakes/Slides and Ladder...the game is available in different forms and was enjoyed by half the segment across the day. I love the fun of shortcuts via ladders and downslides but then also using the board to check what number we have reached.

5. Despite being a grey, wintry day, we played outside in the afternoon and then again for a little before pickup time. The weather sure is flipping on us daily something we note at calendar time.

Until tomorrow...looking like another cloudy start until afternoon.







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