Monday before Memorial Day Break

Welcome back to merry monday! Kids and Teachers Vrinda/Uma are excited since it is a birthday week and the weekend coming up is a longer one. The first 2 kids coming in asked if it was Kenzie’s birthday today. Teacher Vrinda reminded that the birthday is on Wednesday. The traditional cake making and classroom celebration is very much awaited.

As a reminder, aside from Memorial Day weekend, the next 3-day weekend coming up is Friday, June 8-Sunday, June 10.

There was also wedding talk...this time in Philadelphia where Aria will be traveling. We will be mapping the location during the week but the new dress, travel and packing excitement were top of mind.

Our toddlers/2 year olds are increasingly vocal, repeating every new thing they hear. Jigsaw puzzles are becoming their new interest and slowly the skills are developing. In these 4 months, they have grown so much since they can quite clearly communicate and vocalize their thoughts now.

From Mama Aria, Daddy Alexandra, Sisters/Friends Avni-Vani-Raisa and Babies Ria-Kenzie, the family here is quite complete and close knit :) We all keep each other entertained all day. When it came time to be outside to play 4 corners/house-house, the clan sweetly colocated close to each other and wanted to be neighbors. Bulk of the family in the photograph below is all starting to wake up post resting since it is 8 o’clock in the morning.

Until tomorrow...






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