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There were so many fun moments today. Enjoy the many captures especially the videos. The classroom is always alive indoor or outdoors. 

The self-created reading circle at the end of the day was nice to see. The stories were all improvised with pictures but as we keep working, I am sure they will slowly get comfortable self reading more and more.

The number chanting duo fascinated everybody in the morning. 

Jumps were very much tried outside by all. Taking a leap and landing stably on your feet is a skill...one that takes motor development and also confidence. It was very sweet to see children holding each other and not egging but encouraging, being successful in helping another build that confidence. ‘Avni, I will teach you...you can do it’ or ‘Come on, Alexandra, we can do it’. They were careful. Ria and Kenzie were helped and were not to be left behind.

When stretching, at the end, children make up stretches. Our toddlers when asked came up with their own stretches. They are quick to figure the routines and do not hesitate, rather ensure vocalizing their thoughts and followed too. 

Babyhood and crawling was remembered :) I can see how sometimes all of them just wants to be a baby again but they are realizing even at these young ages that the stage is past.

So enjoy each day we must. Have a wonderful weekend. See you Monday.







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