Art and Sand Play

We had a fun day with water colors indoors and then sand play outdoors. The children chose to use brushes for water colors. The toddlers quickly dispensed with the brushes in favor of dipping their hands and fingers in the paints.

Given the ‘Not a Stick’ reading in the classroom, the kids certainly got some sticks to play with when we were at the Sand Park. We pretended some with leaves were rattles and some were pens to trace with in the sand. We remembered that sticks should not poke or hurt.

We now know there are 12 morning hours and 12 afternoon-evening-night hours. We sing the hours and talk about the activities we do at different hours of the day.

As shared, we were joined by a prospective teacher candidate today at school. I am sure this is not the only program she is meeting with. I will keep you posted if she decides to join or other candidates I bring in.

Fun Friday coming up next...






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