Sister, Sister...

The plays today were all about sisters whether at outdoor time in the morning or during evening free play. When Avi or Vidur came back home, the children sweetly said brother is back...and another brother. Avi-Vidur are the big kids in Avid Kids Circle that the children do see early evening briefly. Children ensure that a ‘hello’ is said to them by the boys. Avi-Vidur were very amused by the ‘brothers are back’ comment today. It is great to see the camaraderie among all. 

All aspects of the classroom are humming along and it is hard to believe that spring is about to end and it’s close to summer time! The children have grown in their independence and abilities. It is fun to be reading together now with all preschoolers in the span of a year.

The assistant search and talks continue. Today the person did not show up and sent a note with an excuse in the morning. Teacher Vrinda will share notes over Brightwheel when anybody new is introduced so you are aware. From a program perspective, this is the next milestone to hit. At this time, I am pipelining new student additions from July onwards after the summer break.

Until tomorrow.






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