Puzzle Play

Today was certainly a puzzle play day. It gets infectious. The older kids started/completed 100 piece puzzles which all enjoyed very much. It takes perseverance and little by little work across mornings/afternoons. As I tell the kids, it isn’t about big/small puzzles but to work on the skills, gain mastery and slowly learn to go higher. Children are naturally seeking competency and perform repetitions to gain self confidence. 

The beauty of puzzle play is the visual eye-hand coordination, recognizing color matches, seeing a larger picture start to emerge, learning inside or outside pieces, the art of sorting before starting to build a bigger puzzle, distinguishing line/edge that makes the periphery, noting patterns, developing patience and so so much more. Younger children start with brute force, trying every permutation and combination to determine a fit. Emotionally all get excited to start but then get daunted too. This is why the help point has to be gauged. The euphoria of completing one is of course the feeling which takes us to the next puzzle.

While our older children continue to master new and larger puzzles, our 2-year olds are grasping the basics too and are intrigued. They will start to master too.

There were other fun elements across outdoor time, food and most of all the rainbow panels that were brought in by the Lu family. Thank you so much for sharing them and letting us try them at school.

See you all tomorrow.







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