Tug of War/Cheese Tax

Playing Tug of War in Gazebo Park was definitely a highlight of the day. The 2 oldest preschoolers certainly got the game and had fun with it themselves...being evenly matched, both were getting independent wins. The others enjoyed it more with Teacher Uma or Teacher Vrinda than with each other. This is very normal and natural.

Spinning or being carried like a sack was also enjoyed tremendously. Each had their favorite food pick...Kenzie was a sack of cucumbers, Ria tomatoes, Avni-Vani tofu sausages, Alexandra bread and Aria beans. They variated too. 

Have fun playing tug of war or carrying them  as sacks of food/grain. I am curious if other cultures had these games commonly played. 

I also wanted to share about ‘Cheese Tax’ if you have not heard about it. All the kids love to eat cheese. Teacher Vrinda gives them cheese as a treat in their lunch plates often. We decided a policy that cheese is to be eaten last if you finish all your food. The children also have to pay Cheese Tax if they don’t eat what is in their plates or take very long. It is fun to see them work hard to make sure they don’t have to pay Cheese Tax. Teacher Vrinda loves to collect tax and they do pay it when deemed necessary. It was fun to tell them about Tax...a part of your food or money or earning is taken away as a tax. Sadly, no Cheese Tax earnings for Teacher Vrinda today.

One heads up for Wednesday. I will have a person desiring to assist in the classroom visit us at 9:00 am for an hour or two. This is a preliminary visit to share the classroom and environment.

Until tomorrow.







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