Happy Mother’s Day

‘M’ is for Mom. With much love, the children, Teacher Uma and Teacher Vrinda would like to wish all the moms a very very happy mama day in advance. Moms have been in our thoughts this week. Personally, while each day is special and needs to be thoughtful, we do celebrate this Mother’s Day extra thoughtfullly. Teacher Vrinda wanted children to think of moms across different activities...we made cards, we cut hearts...connected mommy and me hearts, we cooked for mommy and we tried to make a mommy song/poem. Enjoy the strawberries covered in chocolate today to kickoff the mommy weekend. The granola can be enjoyed with some yoghurt and fruits for Sunday breakfast. Enjoy the cards made lovingly for you. Finally, below is what the children compiled together. I love you Mommy, Mama, Mamai I love you Gradma, Nani, Dadi I will give you a hug and kiss everyday sometime Thank you for the gifts, for holding my hand, for smiling, reading, walks, looking after babies, playing, books from the library, food and snacks. It was amusing when asked, anything else that they wanted to share/say, the response was ‘no, this is enough’ :) That was a signal for, let’s move on to calendar time. I hope all the kids get some extra rest and get over the cold, sneezes, runny nose and coughs. We missed Kenzie today as she developed a significant dry cough too. No fever or diminished energy levels were noted for all but steaming/inhalation/rest would certainly help everybody. 

Have a wonderful weekend. See you Monday.







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