Pita Making/Dough Play

May 11, 2018


It was a fun day. Teacher Vrinda was curious what goes into making Pita especially since the kids are fond of it. As I started to read, it was a very achievable bread so the dough and balls were made ahead while kids got to roll, prick each with a sound that is their first or last name, bake and eat it for lunch. This version was proportioned 1/2 wheat and refined flour. Kids wanted to continue playing with dough so we moved on to play dough also.  


The running outside set us up for a nice lazy lunch. The tzaziki and broad fava means marinated in lemon and Turkish spices were interesting new additions too. Most tried the beans just because they are so big :) Tzaziki was enjoyed too. Teacher Vrinda found broad fava beans meaty with a thick outer shell which is great fiber along with protein.


Older kids want to try the white pita vs brownish pita today. I was asked when they were going to get pineapple. It’s fun to hear them vocalize foods here especially since some may not at home.


Until tomorrow...


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