Time to sleep/Sun lounge

Barring Ria who was more interested in chasing wood chips, the rest of the crew after the walk, algae viewing and playing decided to pretend sleep and sun lounge. Each step was a pretend bed and some lazing minutes were very much enjoyed :)

Algae taking over the lagoons is bothering the kids and we are now wondering when the cleanup will occur so we can see the rocks again. The crew uses long poles to fish out the algae. We hope to catch them in action sometime.

Burgers are a type of sandwich too...that met with a hmm. We are getting better at managing the multi-layer holding and eating. The little ones naturally prefer to consume layer by layer. 

The children comfortably said their goodbye when it was time for Teacher Vrinda to leave for her class. I am glad they are comfortable to do so in the evenings and continue to enjoy their play time. The Practicum class is now officially over...so so glad. Thank you again to each of you for being a supportive community.

As this time intensive course requirement wraps up, I have lined up my next action items...interviewing interested teaching assistants and another summer weekend course. Prep work has already commenced on both. As always, the todo pile is everready. 

Until tomorrow.







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