Teacher Vrindaaaaaa

Highlights today...

1. Teacher Vrinda...look at that earthworm in the grass! Aww...it’s so cute. Enjoy a short capture of the ‘living’ earthworm shared today.

2. Teacher Vrinda...who is that boy in the park? 

Vrinda>He is a kid your age. You can say hello if you would like and ask if he would like to play.

Kids>Okay. One child proclaimed, “I’m not afraid at all. We can play.”

The child left in a little since it was time for lunch.

3. Vrinda...fell down (the grape being eaten fell down...help)

4. Teacher Vrinda...why isn’t James smiling? 

Vrinda>James is an engine, Thomas the Tank Engine’s friend. He is smiling, no he is not sad, upset or angry...see he is smiling in the picture.


5. Teacher Vrinda, I finished eating. Could I now play? What started with one child soon became a row of 5 kids playing ‘airplane’ together. Enjoy the short capture of the friends playing ‘airplane’ . The world map in front on the wall was the TV for which Alexandra had remotes and 2 earth movies could play on the TV. The map on the TV was to show where they were going I was told. IPad is definitely a required trip partner :)

Teacher Vrinda enjoys the interesting conversations and plays, most of all she is glad children are observing and noticing little things like a living earthworm and not going eewww slimy. In the morning when asked which continent they would like to visit, there were some interesting responses:


Alexandra>South America (rain forest)

Avni>South America...I also want to see the rain forest

Vani>North America

Mackenzie and Ria’s responses are pending...ask us in 1 year :)







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