Earth Song

The talk of earth continues to fascinate the kids. Singing the earth song daily has worked well for the older children since the continents/oceans and their place on the map is now becoming quite familiar. I’m sharing the earth song here with you...have the children try to sing it for you.

<Tune akin to Where is Thumbkin>

Earth has 7 continents

Earth has 7 continents

What are they?

What are they?

North and South America

Europe and Asia

Africa and Australia

And a very cold Antarctica

Earth has 5 oceans

Earth has 5 oceans

What are they?

What are they?

Pacific and Atlantic

Indian and Arctic

And a very cold Antarctic 

And a very cold Antarctic (also called southern ocean)

Some questions/factors to talk about that we have been in the classroom are:

What is a continent?

What is the biggest continent...2nd biggest, 3rd biggest and so on to the smallest?

Which continent do we live in?

What is the coldest continent and ocean?

Tell me the name of an animal in each continent?

Which ocean are we next to?

Find a country in a continent...let’s use the map for that.

We continue to work on these especially the locations and the animals that live in these continents. For eg, Panda Bear that we read about today is a native of China in the continent of Asia. It was interesting that all oceans are connected and that ocean animals swim across oceans too. Makes us feel so small and local as we tend to live in one place :)

It was great to have our full strength back.

Have a wonderful evening. See you all tomorrow.






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