Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow (Saturday). While I was under the misimpression that it was the Mexican Independence Day, it is not so. It is a celebration of winning over the French Empire in the Battle of Puebla I learnt. The Mexican Independence Day is on September 16. Cinco De Mayo here in America has become the celebration of the Mexican-American culture.

In the classroom we did not get into the details of Cinco De Mayo as the children are still developing the concept of countries and we are reinforcing continents. We will certainly get into the countries in North America as we zone in. We ate Mexican food for lunch to recognize the upcoming event. I feel that while all kids may not know the country of Mexico, they do know corn tortilla, beans, avocado, lettuce and cheese which are all staple foods in a Mexican meal :)

The day and week ran away. We loook forward to a full class next week and hearing all about the wedding trip and the dentist visit!






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