Upcoming Days Off

I wanted to clarify the days off since I had 2 parents checking in if tomorrow is a day off. Tomorrow we are very much open. I realize originally on Feb 1 via the Practicum Training Times/Calendar email, I had called out Friday, May 4 as a proposed professional day. On the March 20th blog, I had shared a change in the upcoming days off. Friday May 4 day off was switched to June 8 since I realized based on the Practicum hours covered that I would not need to take Friday, May 4th as a professional day off. Re-reading the blog I realize that I had a typo and referenced May 2 vs May 4.  

I am sorry about the confusion. The days off are shown above in the image and also on the website calendar. Next we have Memorial Day off and then a flex day off on June 8th when my son graduates 8th grade. The year ends with the 2-week summer break from Monday, June 25-Friday, July 6.

Again my apologies for not being as clear in ensuring everybody is aware that Friday, May 4 is not a day off. Please update and mark your calendars as shared here especially June 8 flex day off and the summer break from June 25-July 6.

See you all tomorrow!







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