Avni-Vani, you were missed!

Mackenzie: Where is Vani?

Ria: <noted something is amiss and realized on hearing Kenzie>

Aria: I know, Avni-Vani have gone for a wedding.

Alexandra: Avni-Vani are not here?

Vrinda: They are in Grand Canyon and have gone for a wedding. They are in Arizona (mapping it)

Raisa: Why are Avni-Vani not here?

Aria-Alexandra: They have gone for a holiday...

I am sure the cycle will repeat tomorrow especially for the younger ones as their sense of days isn’t as clear as our preschoolers who understand the days of the week well and now know that Avni-Vani will be back in the classroom on Monday. 

Teacher Uma and Vrinda missed them too and look forward to hearing all that they saw and the fun at the wedding. Enjoy the trip, wedding, dancing, singing, eating and meeting with family. Family gatherings need planning and effort...all very worth it since kids need to build their bonds and relate with cousins, uncles, aunts or grandparents. Building social relationships is core to EQ. Nurture plays a strong role in EQ development. 

The talk of weddings and trips had others talking about their family. Alexandra talked about spending time with her cousins, watching a show and enjoying that while Catherine was too young to attend. Raisa remembered her Dadi and uncle (Kunal)...she wished they would come back from India or she could make a trip to India. Aria talked about her brother and the trip to Hawaii (long long long time ago!). Kenzie and Ria are young but even at this young age, they noted missing friends and are found talking about their grandma/Nani or family members. Teacher Vrinda loves to hear and encourage them to talk and think about families while they are away as this builds thought and strengthens the bonds shared. These are for life.

We enjoyed a trip to the blue park today the most, making sandwiches and then working/playing in the classroom. Children request going out closer to pickup time to play with their barbecue set and try to spell a menu on the chalkboard. See you all tomorrow!







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