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I missed writing my post last night...the evening slipped away thus a longer one today instead. The classroom continues to hum along. Our nature walk yesterday and today continues to show spring growth...geese with their babies, a wild turkey walking, white and brown mushrooms that have sprouted in grass. Ever since we did the nature walk worksheet, preschool children have been more observant outside. Playing outside with the barbecue play, chalkboard or picnic table before pickup has also become fun. The front yard area allows us to configure different plays along with sunshine. In the picture above, the children are busy exploring roots of the tree. I wanted to give some updates around enrollments and hiring...as best known currently. 1. What can be expected in enrollments? A maximum of 3 toddlers 1.5-2 years of age at any time while the other 9-11 will be 2 years and over. At this point I have 2 toddlers waitlisted for June/July start. We will have a short term returning student (Mika) in July-August too in the mornings. I will keep you posted for any May/June additions that finalize based on visits. 2. What is the hiring plan? Teacher Uma will be here until Aug 8th, 2018. The anticipated June start teacher has had change of plans. While she continues to finalize her path, with license capacity sanctioned, I am continuing the search for an assistant during the 9am - 5pm hours. Given the tough hiring climate in the Bay Area (worse than engineers I’d say) for teachers, I am still hopeful to finalize a full time addition or 2 part time teachers. As always, one has to be open I’ve learnt. I will share as I plan to bring in teachers for evaluation/practical interview. Meanwhile, you have met 2 teachers in my family and I am sure you will meet the third too in time. Teacher Uma will have a hard time returning back to India. The children shake her hand every morning when she comes in and their activities makes the day fly by. 3. As we expand, would outdoor program remain the same? Yes, aside from indoor activities or food/nutrition, walking/biking/learning to enjoy being outdoors is core to this program. That said, safety and security of the children along with age dynamics and capacities of the children will be always be factored in. As the class slowly expands, we will play closer and then expand our reach. We will play as a full class or as a partial if needed. Working with children is dynamic and requires re-evaluating course. We have to remember, the children will move from here expected to work independently and comfortably in a 1:10 or 1:12 ratio or more in public or private school programs. 4. What can be anticipated in 2018-2019 fees? This is a heads up. Contract renewal for the next academic year 2018-2019 is coming up. I will share contracts by May 18 to be returned at the earliest but certainly before May 28. The fee structure will remain the same that you are enrolled with except for lunch which will be an elective at $125/month from July, 2018 (post summer holidays). As shared initially when we met, in my first year, I wanted to ensure that you as parents and most of all the children experience what lunch here would entail should you choose. Organizing and serving daily lunch involves thought, labor and lots of love. The plan is to continue to offer it as an elective assuming it is valued. The intent of the lunch program is for children to develop a diverse palate and by the time they are done with preschool/after-school here, they have tried as many foods whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian. 5. Will Teacher Vrinda have more coursework? I expect to continue taking courses. I have one planned for summer and two in fall. All are weekend or evening courses so I don’t expect them to impact my classroom time. The todo list is long. As always, keep your questions coming. My intent is to ensure that kids remain enthused, as parents you are always aware and trust the thought, effort, inputs and care being taken so children are well prepared for their next level.







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