Count the geese

Our nature walk continued today along with play opportunities at Tree and Green Parks. The children did a nature walk checklist exercise in the classroom before and the intent was to go by memory on the things in the checklist and see what all they could find and places to look for them. As always we are always observing and looking for what we see as we walk. This is the season for watching geese kids grow...todays were bigger than the ones we saw last time!

Ask the children to count the number of baby geese, older geese and total number of geese. We were trying that as they swum by or stood across the road. I figure it will be easier exercise for them in the pictures while fostering some math sorting and aggregating :)

Planning-wise, I wanted to check on availability for another Friday evening picnic. Kids still remember the picnic in the tree park and they keep asking for another one. How about May 18 or 25? Let me know if either would work for you. Let’s celebrate achieving practicum coursework completion and license capacity increase together. I will also need to set up time for June conferences too. As you schedule, please also think what day/time between June 1-June 22 would you like to set aside for a conference. Do remember that our next planned Flex Day off (3-day weekend) is Friday, June 8. 

Have a wonderful weekend.






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