Nature Walk

Could you spot the rabbit in the picture? The highlight of today’s walk was spotting 3 rabbits playing around the lookout point at the back. We watched many other things like crow, flowers, dog, bikers, geese etc. The children enjoyed seeing the rabbits running around the most. They were brown and are hard to spot in the video given the green-brown brush. Our plan for tomorrow is to take another nature walk and lookout for more items in our nature walk checklist.

We also enjoyed checking on our seeds which have not sprouted yet and the plants in the side yard. We watered our tomato, cucumber and bell pepper plants. Kids are enjoying the flowers in the front yard when outside. In our neighborhood walk, the purple and white-purple daisies and calla lilies in a few other homes were always being enjoyed by the kids. It’s nice that we can see them daily at school. 

It has been fun talking about earth and the unit will likely continue since there are so many links and shares one can make. We have been drilling on always switching off the light when leaving a room to converse electricity (bathroom) or not just running water with our hands under it for a long time to conserve water. It is important to be conscious of the 3Rs...reduce, reuse and recycle. We are also reviewing the 7 continents and 5 oceans. We made a song for it so we can sing it while pointing on the map/earth ball. I am sure as we repeat, the kids will learn.

I hope the kids enjoy eating the jalebis in the evening. Teacher Vrinda has eaten too many already!

Until tomorrow...






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