Another Milestone Met

Way back in January, the Practicum training course I had planned for and started had been a big todo especially the 96 hours of alternate site training with a mentor. I have come to know the program, the children and teachers at Champions in the course of these months, and the circle has increased. I valued the visibility into another program, learnt from there while also sharing and re-affirming my beliefs and preferences. I am glad and relieved that the training hours are all completed. I am sure the one last class will also complete in time.

I can’t thank my family and you enough for supporting my continuing education, especially in these last few months since it stretched all of us. This one course required the support of my sister, parents, Teacher Nani and each and every one of you. Thank you all for your patience, for those days off that allowed me to complete this training. 

We had a fun day today with puzzles, continents, national anthems and marching to them, discovering ‘echo’ in a drain (hello...Teacher Vrinda, I can hear myself!), coloring and of course seeing dump trucks and so much more. It was interesting to note how hard marching is for this age group so we have a goal to add marching into our stretches.

We grew up learning to stand straight when the anthem plays. While that is fine, the kids today chose to clap, tap beats and march to them instead (pictured above). Trust them to find a way to have fun!