What a day!

It was a busy day as we celebrated so much!

Sunday was earth day so we had a belated earth day related share at school. We will continue to talk and learn more about our planet, conservation and read related books during this week since the kids were engaged and interested. It was fun to plant our own seeds which will hopefully sprout in 2-3 weeks! Pulling the pipe to water was an all hands on deck exercise :)

As is our tradition, we celebrated Raisa’s birthday in the afternoon with her cake of choice. She baked during rest time to enjoy with her friends. It is important for our children to realize how immensely lucky they are. While their birthday celebrations at school can be very grand, I do believe that children need to bake a simple cake and enjoy it with friends sans frills. This also keeps it a simple playing field for all that belong and will belong to our circle. 

The final celebration was receiving the new license with capacity at 14 in mail. It is now posted in our classroom and also shared here with you. It came just in time as I was slated to meet 2 parents today. I anticipate meeting more parents and in time scheduling visits. As always, I will share new starts once finalized. Should you know any parents seeking spots, please do share availability of 6 preschool spots. As you can see in the license, toddler 1.5-2 years of age will be limited to 4 or less...essentially maintaining a 1/3rd toddler ratio.

Time to put the legs up for today :)







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