WOYC - Family Friday

Today wraps up the week of the annual young child celebration. That said, as always, we believe in celebrating on a daily basis since we can never live the same day again. There were many reasons to cherish today. This community is all about family and the circle would not be if not for each family here and the larger family we have created together. The hearts picture above captures the sentiment. While the hearts originally started with each member of the family, they morphed when the child said ‘But what about my friends?’ :) Well, everybody found a place. Each child thought and created their family with no aid...except a little holding for the toddlers. It was a nice coincidence to get the capacity expansion clearance for 14 kids too (12 kids under 5 years of age and 2 kids at least who are school age). In keeping with the request from the RWC Fire Department, we migrated to using the main entrance as the primary entrance. The paper license will come via mail next week. Please continue to come via the front entrance from Tuesday onwards. Serve your mom/dad with a plate in the morning and enjoy some eats was a small gesture for family day. Eating a circle egg-cheese pizza was also part of the school family fun. The evening surprise was making healthy chocolate chip cookies with oil instead of butter. This is a 3-day weekend. We look forward to seeing everybody on Tuesday morning. Raisa’s birthday will be celebrated at school on Tuesday at 3:30 pm. Have a wonderful weekend. 







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