WOYC - Artsy Thursday

Today it was an artsy day and we did art indoors and outdoors. Indoors kids got to write numbers and/or sounds of their choice on brown paper taped to the floor. They also could decorate their papers as they pleased. The intent was for the preschoolers to practice writing on their own in a free form way. The toddlers did not want to be left behind so they had fun making shapes and coloring on their own floor/table papers. Writing can be done anywhere.

We painted with water colors and worked with chalk on the driveway which was a different art experience. Kids had been wanting to paint and work with chalk lately so we did that outdoors. Teacher Vrinda was also testing a barricade for indoor-outdoor use.

It has been interesting to have a different daily to-do this week but I do notice that kids like the comfort of picking what they want to do and for how long. Next week from Tuesday, we will revert back to our usual individually driven activities in the morning work hour.

Among these highlights today, there was another. We caught a ship sailing on the bay when outdoors. Oh the things one can see if one is out and looking! Thank you Teacher Uma for the sighting.

Another reminder that the coming weekend is a 3-day weekend. The full professional day allows me an opportunity to work in the Champions preschool program. I will also be collecting extra hours tomorrow evening when Champions is hosting a Parents Night Out while kids have a movie and pizza evening. It is open to the community across preschool to grade 5. These extra hours will allow me to wrap up Practicum training a week earlier by next Wednesday.

See you tomorrow.







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