WOYC - Work Together

After building a playground together yesterday, today we worked together on a big new work mat to build our train tracks, stations and people. We also built a wooden helicopter which housed many animals and got Avni-Vani in singing mode :) Children slept around the trains and we eventually cleaned up in the evening.

Building Lego city, tracks, cake, building etc is something that the kids enjoy very much. Our reading was related...a Thomas story and we had fun ringing the bell (another addition) or having Thomas move up and down, forward and backwards on the track.

All in all a fun day. Kids were most amazed at the size of the new work mat and how it covers so much of the rug giving a lot of room to build on. We will use it for large collective projects.

Much rest was had after we built and ate our sandwiches.

See you all tomorrow.







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