WOYC - Tasty Tuesday

We continue to celebrate the NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child (WOYC). Tasty Tuesday is all about healthy eating and living.  

Our menu for today made much ahead of time met all the bars...we made our own air popcorn, we ate healthy quinoa, Peruvian beans, a mix of vegetables and lettuce for lunch and then followed it up with light and summery watermelon. The key to eating is diversity in our foods and then between the social eating, dramatization and talk to reinforce the importance of all foods, we are steadily working towards ensuring kids get comfortable with trying new foods rather than limiting themselves with the known ones. Repetition over time will bring in the comfort of ‘known’. As always, I am always asking and encouraging kids to share the new things they have tried to do. It is mindset development. I would like to suggest a new tradition. Every time your child does something new or meets a bar especially one you would like them to, trying a new food, an activity, faster eating etc, please help them make a note of it, visualize it with a picture, print it on paper and put it on their room wall and have them bring one note to school for our wall. Visualizing their daily accomplishments will want them to do more and instead of stickers/other objects, I would want them to visualize the feeling of their accomplishment. 

Aside from healthy eating, outdoor time and healthy living was enjoyed by making our own park in the front driveway/yard followed by a picnic lunch eaten outside too. The children then wanted to sleep outside too but I convinced them to come in to sleep today and try it another time. They all wanted to huddle together in the tent to sleep :) The children would enjoy a camping trip very much. We came out to enjoy more sunshine in the evening too today.

Until tomorrow...enjoy the captures from the day.







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