WOYC - Music Monday

This is the week of the young child (WOYC), a  NAEYC celebrated event. We are always celebrating childhood here so this week isn’t going to be different. That said, we will look at the week’s schedule shared by NAEYC (https://www.naeyc.org/events/woyc/overview) and join in spirit in our own way. 

We celebrated music through our singing and musical instrument play at group time, we listened to music when outdoors and played a favorite musical pillars game (pictured above). In the evening kids were busy playing again on their own with music and singing.

Pretending is certainly something they all love to do. During outdoor time, the kids were busy pretending to be kids who would not want to wake up in the morning and just wanted to keep sleeping while Teacher Uma tried to go around waking them up. In the evening again they were taking rounds to be a parent while the others were sleeping children. Well, they all slept enough in the afternoon :)

The highlight today was definitely seeing the baby geese with 4 older geese who were declared to be mommies and daddies. The funny duck who kept putting her head in and back up while continuously paddling to catch food kept us marveling at her skills too. We were glad to be able to step out for our walk and play instead of being contained in given the uncertain weather.

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