Preschooler Hide and Seek

For all the rule review of hide and seek or for that matter Frozen game...hide where you can’t be seen, be quiet, not move when frozen, for preschoolers and little toddlers, the fun is not in hiding and not being found. The fun is all in being seen quickly and hearing ‘I see you!’. That is the concrete gratification they seek. Hiding and waiting is abstract and they need to see you.

Much fun and yes hide and seek happened outdoors today. The toddlers watch it more than participate. That said, you can’t have them do anything else. They hear, follow and watch and that is their learning.

I had a reflective conversation with my mentor probing about her visit yesterday and thoughts. I was glad to hear that she thought it was an engaging and most of all a thoughtful program. We talked about how typically textbooks claim toddlers have a 10 minute attention span when in group while preschoolers have about 15 mins. Here in our program, the children participate in 20-25 mins of group time and even Michele yesterday noted like me that toddlers were busy following and were engaged. This is what I like about mixed age programming. The children always love to look up and ahead and the ‘bar’ naturally raises for the younger ones. Try getting our toddlers off the rug to use the restroom early or start to eat snack early. They don’t want to do that and prefer rug time with the older friends. The same carries over in many ways throughout the day. The children are natural learners and each others teachers. As teachers, we need to create the environment, help them conduct and most of all enjoy the music created. They test us every once in a while, we may falter sometimes but in the end, the pleasure is to work together and learn from each other.

Reverie over....see you all tomorrow :)






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